Myles Jonathan Brando, net worth, Biography, and A Lot More

Myles Jonathan Brando is the son of Marlon Brando. Before his death, the father, a multi-award-winning actor, had worked in the entertainment industry for over sixty years. With several Academy, Golden Globe, and British Academy Film Awards, the legend is rightfully regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most significant actors. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Myles Jonathan Brando, one of the legendary actor’s sons.

Myles Jonathan Brando’s Personal Life

Myles Jonathan Brando’s Personal Life

Myles Jonathan Brando was born on January 6, 1994, to Maria Cristina Ruiz and Marlon Brando. The couple had a 13-year relationship. The relationship resulted in the birth of three siblings, including Brando’s eldest children, Ninna and Timothy. The lovers were able to keep these three of their children out of the spotlight. As a result, there is very little information available about Myles Jonathan Brando.

Family Controversies

Christian Brando, one of Myles Jonathan Brando’s siblings, shot and killed Dag Drollet in 1990. The incident thrust the entire family into the spotlight, making them the center of attention. After a year, the law courts found Christian guilty of manslaughter and imprisoned him. However, he was released from prison in 1996.

Furthermore, the investigation revealed Christian and Bonnie Bakey’s alliance in the aftermath of her death. Christian was sentenced to probation again in 2005 after pleading no contest to abusing Deborah, his wife at the time of his imprisonment.

Myles Jonathan Brando’s mother sued Marlon Brando in 2002 for breach of contract. Maria Cristina claimed in the $100 million lawsuit that Marlon had failed to support and facilitate her care. The claim, however, stated that the father had continued to pay child support. According to The Washington Post, Myles Jonathan Brando and his siblings are the last three of eleven children. The report revealed the truth about Maimiti and Raiatea’s adoption.

Unfortunately, the legendary actor and father of eleven children, including Myles Jonathan Brando, died of respiratory failure. According to reports, his death was caused by pulmonary fibrosis combined with congestive heart failure. He had diabetes as well as liver cancer.

Relating Myles Marlon Brando, Jonathan Brando’s father

Jonathan Brando's father

Aside from his career, one of the key characteristics that made Marlon Brandon famous to millions was his chaotic life. He had several relationships and girlfriends from whom he had at least eleven biological children and three adoptive children. Unfortunately, Myles Jonathan Brando’s father died at the age of 80. The Godfather and Streetcar Named Desire star died, leaving behind one of the most acclaimed and complicated legacies in film history.

Marlon Brando Net Worth

Marlon Brando was an American actor, director, and activist who died with a net worth of $100 million dollars. In today’s dollars, that equates to about $130 million. Brando’s liquid assets were worth $23 million at the time of his death. This figure did not include a number of assets, such as his private island and another real estate.

Marlon Brando Children Are:

  • Myles Jonathan Brando
  • Maimiti Brando
  • Rebecca Brando
  • Miko Castaneda
  • Petra Brando
  • Simon Teihotu Brando
  • Christian Brando
  • Cheyenne Brando Cheyenne Brando Myles Jonathan Brando
  • Tuki Brando
  • Stephen Blackehart
  • Dylan Brando


Myles Jonathan Brando spends his time away from the spotlight. As a result, his occupation and personal life are unknown. As a result, estimating his net worth is difficult.

Myles Jonathan Brando’s father, on the other hand, has a net worth of one hundred million dollars as of his death. Myles Jonathan Brando is likely to have received a lump sum of the wealth as part of his father’s inheritance.

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