Maria Victoria Henao’s biography, What happened to the wife of Pablo Escobar?

Maria Victoria Henao's biography, What happened to the wife of Pablo Escobar?

Maria Victoria Henao’s biography, What happened to the wife of Pablo Escobar?

While Pablo Escobar was known to the outside world as a cold-blooded killer, to his family, he was simply a devoted husband and father. Maria Victoria Henao is the only person who can more fully concur with this assertion. Maria was Pablo Escobar’s wife up until 1993, when the Colombian drug lord was shot and killed by police on the roof of a neighborhood in Medellin. The woman who stood at Pablo’s side and showed him unending devotion is described in this tale as Maria.

Who murdered the wife of Pablo Escobar?

Maria Escobar, Escobar’s wife, is still alive. She was only 32 when she lost her husband. Although the public may have very harsh opinions about Escobar, Maria felt like a princess during her 17 years of marriage to the drug lord.

History of Maria Victoria Henao

Who was the first spouse of Pablo Escobar? Mara Victoria Henao, a Colombian native born in 1961, was his first wife. Her parents, Carlos Henao Vallejo and Leonor Zuleta, welcomed her into the world in the tiny community of Palmira Valle Del Cauca.

She grew up with her two siblings, a sister named Pastora Henao Bayen and a brother named Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo (who worked with Pablo). It is reported that Victoria loved to dance when she was younger.

Connection to Pablo Escobar Victoria, then 13 years old, met Pablo Escobar through her brother Carlos, who also worked for him, and the two immediately fell in love. Maria reveals how Escobar courted her in Mrs. Escobar: My Life With Pablo.

I believed he was my Prince Charming because of how he made me feel like a fairy princess.

Maria’s family was against the union because Carlos was involved with Escobar and was well aware of his illicit activities. The couple was compelled to elope as a result.

Maria Victoria Henao’s age at the time of her marriage.

When Victoria was 15 years old, she married Escobar. Without the help of her parents or siblings, she gave birth to their first child, Juan Pablo Escobar, on February 24, 1977, when she was 16 years old. Seven years later, in 1984, Manuela Escobar, their daughter, was born.

Maria reportedly thought her husband worked in real estate up to Escobar’s arrest in 1977. She knew her spouse wasn’t the man she believed he was, despite her naivety.

She recalled the moment she discovered Pablo had planned the murder of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, the justice minister, saying,

“I was aware of our dire situation that day. My life and the lives of my children will be challenging.”

Escobar and Maria were a happy couple, but Escobar had a lot of extramarital affairs. He had numerous mistresses, and Virginia Vallejo, a journalist, was one of them. Their relationship was well-known and well-documented. Maria never left him despite knowing all about this affair and his other girlfriends.

While many claim that Maria’s unwavering love for Pablo caused her to put up with all of his vices, Virginia argues in her book Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar that Maria was addicted to the opulent lifestyle she shared with Pablo.

Maria may have also realized how difficult it would be to care for her family on her alone without the assistance of her spouse. Additionally, she was unable to ask for her family’s assistance because she had broken all ties with them in order to marry Pablo.

Death of Pablo Escobar

Maria Victoria Henao's biography, What happened to the wife of Pablo Escobar?

On a rooftop in Medelln on December 2, 1993, a group of Colombian policemen with U.S. support killed Pablo. Escobar allegedly placed a phone call to his wife out of error, which the police were able to track down and utilize to find him. Juan, his son, denies this theory and claims that his father actually committed suicide.

What transpired to Escobar’s wife following his passing?

In the years immediately following Pablo’s passing, Maria and her kids’ lives became more difficult. She yearned for a secure home, but the family was trailed wherever they went by Pablo’s reputation.

Nevertheless, despite exercising extra caution, Maria and her son were apprehended in 1999 when their whereabouts were made public by a television program. Theft and money laundering were the accusations made against them.

According to the inquiry, Maria had knowledge of Pablo’s operation and was complicit in narcotics trafficking. She refuted all of the accusations, saying that she was only Pablo’s wife and had no connection to his illicit enterprises.

What happened to the wife and kids of Pablo Escobar?

Due to insufficient proof, Maria and her son were freed after 15 months. They were detained once more in 2018 for allegedly assisting a narcotics trafficker with money laundering.

Her son is a lecturer and an architect. In addition, he wrote the well-known book Pablo Escobar: My Father. But her daughter has severed all links with the family and has never publicly mentioned her father.

Maria Victoria Henao’s manner of death

The death of Pablo Escobar’s wife is untrue because she is still alive. On December 2, 1993, her husband was the one who was shot and killed. He was killed in his hometown by Colombian National Police a day after his 44th birthday.


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