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Many people are unaware that Bruno Mars, a Hawaiian artist best known for his classic, groovy wedding songs, has a successful love life of his own.

Jessica Caban, Bruno Mars’ girlfriend, is a model, actor, and businesswoman who has been with the 11-time Grammy Award winner since 2011.

Mars and his girlfriend began dating a year after the release of his debut studio album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, and she has remained by his side through two albums, nearly a dozen Grammy Award wins, and several world tours.

Caban appeared in several episodes of the CW’s Jane the Virgin as Sonia, and Mars sang at a wedding in the season two finale.

Despite their popularity, Mars and Caban have maintained a low profile over the years. We’ve compiled a list of information about Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars wedding, profession, net worth, and how they met.

Who exactly is Jessica Caban?

Jessica Caban

Jessica Caban is a well-known model worldwide. Despite the fact that she is a well-known model, she is best known as Bruno Mars’ girlfriend.

Jessica Caban was born in New York City, New York on June 13, 1982. Jessica Marie Caban is her birth name, but we all know her as Jessica Caban. In 2021, she will be 39 years old, according to her birth year, while her partner Bruno will be 36.

The model’s parents are from Puerto Rico, according to sources. She grew up in Spanish Harlem, on the other hand. Aside from that, there isn’t much information available on her family on the internet.

In 2002, the 38-year-old actress was chosen to represent Jennifer Lopez’s “J-LO” line after finishing second in a nationwide search.

She appeared in a number of commercials and magazine covers before landing the lead role in Proyecto Uno’s “Holla” music video. In 2008, she won the first season of the new reality television show Model Latina.

Caban was awarded a $10,000 contract with Q Management as a result of her victory. Caban’s career has taken off since he joined the organization, with appearances in several magazines and campaign advertisements.

Bruno Mars’s 2022 girlfriend and family

Bruno Mars's 2022 girlfriend and family

Eric Hernandez, Mars’ brother, has always been the drummer for his backup band, The Hooligans. The Lylas are an all-girl music group comprised of Tiara, Tahiti, and Presley, as well as Jamie, their cousin.

Jamie moved in with her siblings when she was young because her parents were having problems. Mars began dating model Jessica Caban in 2011. They are still together in 2019, living in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with a Rottweiler named Geronimo.

In May 2013, when Mars returned from a trip abroad, he discovered his mother was critically ill in the Los Angeles airport. He immediately boarded a plane bound for Hawaii. His mother died the following day. On June 2, 2013, an Atlantic Records representative confirmed to the Associated Press that Mars’ mother had suffered a brain aneurysm.

She died on June 1, 2013, at the age of 55, at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Later, on June 7, 2013, the musician tweeted about his mother’s death, saying, “I’m grateful for all of the kindness shown to me during a really trying period in my life.” I’ll be back on my feet soon. That’s what her mother wants, she told me.”

What connected Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars?

Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars

When the couple began their long-term relationship, it was love at first sight. “While eating at the Co-op restaurant at New York’s Hotel on Rivington, Bruno saw a stunning, energetic woman speaking animatedly at a neighboring table,” author Emily Herbert wrote of the “Uptown Funk” singer’s meeting with Caban.

After meeting in 2011, the two began dating and endured a long-distance romance for the first year of their relationship.

Caban was born in Harlem, New York, and moved in with Mars in 2012. Geronimo, their Rottweiler, now lives with them in Los Angeles.

His Love Songs Have Been Influenced by Her

Mars’ music, which is both passionate and dynamic, has been used to reflect his relationship with his partner on occasion. In fact, their relationship has inspired a number of Grammy-nominated songs.

Mars told Rolling Stone in 2013 that his radio hit “When I Was Your Man” was inspired by his relationship with Caban during a period when he was afraid of losing her.

Other musicians have benefited from the songwriter’s contributions to their work. Mars has collaborated with Adele and Alicia Keys, two well-known love song singers. His groovy singles, in addition to the romance, can get anyone on the dance floor.

Mars’ music can be used for a variety of occasions, from pre-wedding parties to entrance songs.

How They Have Maintained Their Privacy Over Time

Despite the couple’s efforts to keep their private lives private, Caban has posted images with Mars on social media. Bruno Mars, like his fiancée, has remained silent about their relationship in interviews.

She’s a good friend of mine. You are my savior. What is the problem with that? We’re just thankful to be alive.” In 2016, Mars told Rolling Stone.

While Mars and Caban have no plans to marry or have children in the near future, their nine-year relationship speaks for itself.

They cling to those they love.

Caban frequently posts images of their families as well as group photos on social media. T

The majority of the photos show her parents or Mars’ siblings and their families, especially his reality TV star sisters known as “The Lylas.”

Mars and Caban try to visit Mars’s family in Hawaii as often as their hectic schedules allow.

Facts about Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban

  • Peter Gene Hernandez, better known as Bruno Mars, was born on October 8, 1985.
  • In Honolulu, Hawaii, he was raised by his multiracial parents. His father is Puerto Rican and Jewish from Brooklyn, New York, and his mother is Filipino and Spanish.
  • Mars grew up in a musical family. His father was a percussionist and his mother was a talented singer.
  • He has had a lifelong interest in music, which is how he got his stage name. His moniker was inspired by his striking resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino.
  • When he was a teenager, he added the second half of his stage name. Mars stated that he would be so good that people would think he came from another planet. As a result, he resolved to travel to Mars!
  • Mars has grown from humble beginnings in Hawaii to become one of the most gifted artists of his generation.
  • In addition to his charm and electrifying stage presence, his ability to play in a variety of musical genres distinguishes him.
  • Mars has ruled the last decade with back-to-back tracks like “24K Magic,” “Finesse,” and “The Lazy Song,” which he released after his blockbuster track “Billionaire” in 2010.
  • Despite his celebrity and wealth, Mars is committed to Caban.
  • They have no plans to marry or have children in the near future, but their long-term love story, like his music, speaks for itself.

Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars wedding

According to a ceceliablog, Mars told Rolling Stone in 2016: “We’re simply delighted.” While Mars and Caban have no plans to marry or have children in the near future, their nine-year commitment to each other speaks for itself.

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