How old is Allie Schnacky

This article talks about Allie Schnacky’s age also popularly known as a Tik Tok Star, Youtuber, Instagram Star, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, and entertaining videos on Instagram Reels

How old is Allie Schnacky?

On February 22, 2000, Allie Schnacky was born.  Allie Schnacky is a 22-year-old woman. Allie Schnacky’s age is 22 years, 7 months, and 22 days. Altogether, she is   8,270 days old. However, Allie Schnacky’s birthday will be in 4 months and 8 days. In addition, Allie Schnacky’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

All about Allie Schnacky

Allie Schnacky is a TikTok star who has a large number of followers thanks to her exciting and unique content. She was born in Orlando in 2000 and spent her childhood there, where she enjoyed spending time with her siblings, two brothers and two sisters, and their friends. Allie was discovered by talent scouts when she was 10 years old and invited to appear on TV shows such as Extreme Makeover and Letters To God. She was noticed by the general public after that and continued to promote her activities as a dancer and social media user. Allie launched her TikTok channel, where she began posting a variety of videos about various topics, ranging from her daily life to pranks, skits, and other comedy-related content. As of early 2022, her TikTok channel has approximately 3.4 million followers, and her Instagram account has approximately two-thirds of a million followers. Allie Schnacky is a business owner with her own clothing and accessory lines.

She comes from a well-established family and is now 22 years old (as of 2022). She is a gifted, intelligent, hardworking, and adorable young lady with lovely eyes and a sweet voice. She has a large fan base both globally and on social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. On Tik Tok, Youtube, and Instagram Reels, she is known for her entertaining lip sync, acting, dancing, POV, comedy, pranks, and fun-loving filter videos. She currently has over 3.5 million fans on her Tik Tok account, and her videos receive millions of views or likes. She also shares her stunning photos on Instagram, a photo-sharing app with over 710K followers (as of July 2022). She is also a popular Instagram user. She has a large fan base among boys due to her adorable smile, beauty, and stunning appearance.

She started her YouTube channel on May 20, 2013, and uploaded her first video on September 14, 2020. She currently has over 630K+ subscribers on her YouTube channel – Allie Schnacky, where she uploads vlogs, pranks, fashion, challenges, reactions, and funny youtube shorts videos. She always makes her videos in her own voice, and she frequently includes her friends in them. She has so far uploaded over 2,300 videos to her channel. She is also a trending girl on YouTube, with millions of views or likes from her YouTube Family. Her most popular YouTube video is “My Grandma Rates Famous Guys,” which has received over 13 million views.

Physical Appearance of Allie Schnacky

  • Height – 5 Ft 6 Inches (Approx)
  • Weight – 54 Kg (Approx)
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Hair Colour – Blonde
  • Skin Colour – Fair

Allie Schnacky Personal Information

Full Name – Allie Schnacky

Nickname / Username – allieschnacky

Birth date – 22 February 2000

Age (as of 2022) – 22 Years

Birth Place – Orlando, Florida, United States

Nationality – American

Profession – Tik Tok Star, Youtuber, Digital Creator, Influencer

Religion – Christian

Zodiac Sign – Pisces

Allie Schnacky’s Family and Relatives

She comes from a well-established Christian family. Allie Schnacky and her family lived in Orlando, Florida, USA. She has two older brothers, Colby Schnacky and Noah Schnacky. She also has two younger sisters, Ella Schnacky and Noelle Schnacky. But as of now, we don’t know anything about her father or mother’s names; if we learn anything, we’ll post it here.

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