biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

An American YouTuber and social media influencer named Derek Deso. Due to his unusual and outrageous pranks, the man has a large following. As of August 2022, Deso had received over 371 million YouTube views.

The YouTuber presents a variety of entertaining challenges, practical jokes, and family films. The girlfriend of Derek Deso frequently took part on his channel. They frequently worked together on a variety of coup-goals projects, primarily focusing on infidelity.

Who is Derek Deso.

An American YouTuber named Deso. His family consists of three kids. Steven and Ryan are Derek Deso’s brothers; he doesn’t have a sister. The three were also brought up by their mother.

Is Derek Deso a twin?

The twin brother of Derek Deso has appeared in several of his videos. On September 1, 2020, the YouTuber published a video titled SURPRISING MY TWIN BROTHER WITH HIS DREAM HOUSE ‘EMOTIONAL’ on Facebook. The two gentlemen’s uncanny similarity is never lost on fans.

educational history

Deso attended Bellflower High School for his studies.

Career of Derek deso

biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

At the age of 23, Derek launched his YouTube career in August 2010. In collaboration with his friends Lil Moco, Qbanguy, and NesBoog, he founded the YouTube channel TheBoogShow. He was a fresh face on YouTube at the time, so most people did not know anything about him.

On this channel, the three would post a variety of prank content. For instance, people frequently record themselves consuming spicy food, playing with dangerous animals, and doing alcohol pranks. eating spicy food and interacting with dangerous animals. As of August 2022, their channel had more than 500K subscribers and more than 55 million viewers.

There are millions of videos on this channel. For instance, the video Extreme Spider Prank (Gone Wrong) had over 5 million views after being released on March 16, 2015. In the video, Deso and his friend are shown holding the other guy captive on a chair with a tarantula on his lap.

Since roughly a year ago, the group has not been as active. On June 20, 2021, they posted their final video, titled SHAMPOO PRANK ON WIFE ‘HOT’. A few of their other well-known videos include:

On September 28, 2012, Deso launched the DrerekDesoDaily YouTube channel. As of August 2022, it had over 371 million views and 2.57 million subscribers. His content is essentially identical to that of TheBoogShow.

The main distinction is that most of his practical jokes involve Lycette, his ex-girlfriend. Most pranks would be played on Derek Deso’s girlfriend. Additionally, the two occasionally worked together to tease their families.

What is the Net worth of Derek Deso?

Derek Deso’s net worth is predicted by online sources to be $700,000 in 2022.

Prankster Derek Deso makes from $140 to $2.2k per month from his work. YouTube and social media are his main revenue sources. From YouTube adverts, the celebrity makes roughly $630 each day ($230,000 annually).

Derek Deso is dating who?

biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

Lycette Cornejo is not the spouse of the YouTuber’s marriage. Since they frequently appeared together in prank videos, the majority of fans were sad when their romance ended. On their initial encounter, the two had an immediate connection and became friends for a year. Over lunch at the beach, Deso proposed to Cornejo, and they moved in shortly after.

Her engagement to Derek Deso thrilled the crowd. After divorcing in 2017, the couple reconciled a few months later. Despite wanting a child in 2018, they ended their relationship permanently in 2019. The ex-girlfriend of Derek Deso is a well-known YouTuber as well. As of August 2022, Lycette Cornejo’s channel had more than 400k subscribers, which is good.

Name of Derek Deso’s wife?

The wife of Derek Deso is Sophia Turner. They started dating in 2019, and after approximately a year, he proposed. The wedding of Derek Deso and Sofia Turner took place in Los Angeles on September 12, 2020. The wedding was a secret until the beginning of July 2021 for the pair. They shared a number of wedding pictures on their Instagram pages.

Who is Derek Deso’s Wife?

Sofia Turner owns a business, is a hairstylist, lash technician, and YouTuber. Videos of her lively lifestyle, a mishmash of workouts, and beauty advice can be found on her YouTube channel. She appears in a few of her husband’s videos as well. For instance, in order to gauge Deso’s response, Sofia once feigned to be pregnant for another man.

The age difference between Deso and Sofia Turner is under five years. Although her birthdate is unknown, she appears to be in her early 30s.

Are Derek Deso and Sophia still dating?

Along with their son Quincy, Sophia and Deso reside in Los Angeles, California.

Does Derek deso has a child?

biography of Derek Deso: age, spouse, children, wealth, position, and previous associations.

The YouTuber is not a biological parent, but he and his wife’s son enjoy a strong father-son relationship. Late in December 2021, Derek and his wife tried to get pregnant, but the pregnancy ended in early 2022. Quincy is the son of Sophia Deso. He was hers from an earlier union. Given how closely they are related, it is difficult to determine that Quincy is not Derek Deso’s child.

The m*scarriage left Derek’s wife feeling emotionally damaged because she continued to experience pregnancy hormones. The pair nevertheless still aspires to become parents in the future.


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