Biography of Daniellya Ayala, Age, height, Instagram, and medical information.

Biography of Daniellya Ayala, Age, height, Instagram, and medical information.


Biography of Daniellya Ayala, Age, height, Instagram, and medical information.

American cosmetics artist and social media influencer Danielley Ayala. Her impressive social media following, which has attracted the attention of various corporations, is largely to blame for her rise to stardom. Ayala also works part-time as a swimsuit and lingerie model, occasionally showcasing items by different businesses, in addition to makeup and internet brand advertising.

Ayala is well known for her internet content, which includes modeling assignments, beauty routines and techniques, travel locales, cruises, and her daily activities. Danielley Ayala: who is she? Here is a brief summary of her life.

Biography of Danielley Ayala

What is Danielley Ayala’s age? The well-known model will be 28 years old in 2022 because she was born on February 23, 1994. Although nothing is known about her parents, she was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.


Ayala enrolled in the Make-Up Designory (MUD) Los Angeles School of Make-Up, where she received training and developed her makeup artistry abilities. She then began her career as a professional makeup artist with a focus on fashion and makeup.

Since then, she has prospered as a professional makeup artist to the point where she has launched a website where she advertises a number of brands and beauty items. She was one of the makeup artists working in the makeup department in 2018 when Dance of Vengeance was being filmed. In addition to her business endeavors, she is currently represented by Found Model Management, a company that discovers and nurtures modeling talent.

Moody modeling agency

The cosmetics artist started her own company, Soft-Hued, a few years ago. This company offers services to models, with a main emphasis on talent representation. Advertising, editorials, commercial bookings, and the conclusion of long-term contracts are among the services provided.

Additionally, Soft-Hued offers its clients social media brand endorsements. Ayala’s business promotes a wide variety of persons and brands, including Andrew Beasley, Sydney Nichole, and Guetcha Tondreau, in addition to the extremely popular photographer Casie Wendel.

Who is the boyfriend of Danielley Ayala?

Biography of Daniellya Ayala, Age, height, Instagram, and medical information.

Danielley and Peter Shelegin were rumored to be dating in 2015 and were frequently mentioned together. Many of her Instagram postings featured Peter, who appeared to be having a nice time with her. None of them, however, explicitly stated that they were partners in a romantic relationship.

Danielley published a photo of herself and Peter Shelegin on March 28, 2017, along with the statement, “We’ve been dating for almost two years.” That was the last time she mentioned her rumored boyfriend, who has subsequently kept quiet about their liaison. Currently, not much is known about the connection.

Ayala Danielley’s Height

Danielley Ayala stands approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 centimetres). She carries around 143 pounds (65 kg). Her chest, waist, and hip measurements are 40-26-36, indicating a well-defined physique. The breast size of Danielley Ayala is 36C. She has dark brown eyes and black hair. The well-known cosmetics artist has several tattoos on her body as well.

Was Danielley Ayala a plastic surgery patient?

Biography of Daniellya Ayala, Age, height, Instagram, and medical information.

The social media star allegedly underwent augmentation mammoplasty to improve her bust. However, Danielley has never substantiated these claims.

What is the wealth of Danielley Ayala?

Abeiku asserts that Ayala is worth $1 million. Her wealth is derived from a variety of sources, including as brand endorsement agreements, modeling fees, makeup artist fees, and earnings from the models she represents through the Soft-Hued model agency.

Social media is a potent instrument in today’s society, and Danielley Ayala is fully utilizing it to profit greatly from her popularity throughout the many platforms. She is therefore frequently sought after by businesses looking to sell and publicize their products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks.

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