Biography of Cole LaBrant: Height, Educational background, and health

Cole labrant's biography

Biography of Cole LaBrant: Height, Educational background, and health

Biography of Cole LaBrant: Height, Educational background, and health.

Cole LaBrant: who is he? He is an American social media figure who also has a following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He is well-known for leading the LaBrant family as patriarch. Cole and his wife chronicle their life as parents on the family’s YouTube channel. On TikTok, where he posts quick comedic sketches and dance videos with his family, he is also well-known.

Along with John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes, Cole LaBrant was a part of the Vine collaborative group Dem White Boyz. Being a devoted Christian, he.

The life story of Cole LaBrant

The internet sensation was established in Troy, Alabama, in the United States. Sheri Lewis and Ken LaBrant are Cole LaBrant’s parents. In the 2016 season of the reality competition The Amazing Race, Cole and his mother came in second.

The LaBrant family has more children besides the internet star. He has a sister and five brothers. Brothers Luke, Jack, Clay, and Tate LaBrant, as well as sister Lily LaBrant, make up Cole LaBrant’s family. The American state of Alabama’s Enterprise High School was attended by the social media star. Later, he enrolled in Alabama’s Troy University.

When was Cole LaBrant born?

Biography of Cole LaBrant: Height, Educational background, and health

As of 2022, Cole LaBrant will be 26 years old. He was conceived on August 21, 1996. Leo is his zodiac sign.

What has made Cole LaBrant well-known?

He is a popular figure on social media, TikTok, and YouTube. While still in his teens, he began to use social media. Along with his buddies John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes, he started his social media career in 2013 as a Vine content creator. Before the video-sharing app was shut down, the three had a successful Vine account called Dem White Boyz.

The YouTube channel Cole&Sav was started by Cole and his partner on August 24, 2012. The LaBrant Fam was the name given to it subsequently. They share entertaining family films on it, including announcements and family pranks that feature their children. With upwards of 13.1 million subscribers, the LaBrant Fam YouTube channel has steadily grown its subscriber base.

Other social media sites like TikTok, where he has more than 21.9 million followers, have taken notice of his fame. The popular TikTok user posts family dance videos and quick comedic sketches. He currently has 460 million likes on the app for sharing videos.

The internet sensation has more than 5 million followers on Instagram, where she is active as well. He posts lifestyle images and brief movies to his Instagram account. Additionally, the celebrity uses the platform to promote companies like SugarBearHair, NyQuil and DayQuil, and HP.

What is the net worth of Cole LaBrant?

His estimated net worth is between $3 million and $4 million. This information hasn’t been validated, though. Through sponsored posts and brand-paid promotions on social media, he makes money.

Cole LaBrant’s height is what?

Cole LaBrant is 6 feet 1 inches tall (185 centimetres). He carries around 176 pounds (80 kilograms).

Cole LaBrant has a wife?

Biography of Cole LaBrant: Height, Educational background, and health

The internet sensation is wed, it’s true. Who is the wife of Cole LaBrant? Savannah LaBrant (née Soutas), an American social media personality, entrepreneur, and YouTuber, is his wife. How did Cole and Savannah LaBrant meet? In 2016, the two connected at the Grove in Los Angeles. Cole and Savannah first connected on, now known as TikTok, when Cole messaged Savannah to beg for a favor, according to a YouTube video titled HOW WE MET | COLE & SAVANNAH.

Later, the couple made the decision to commit to one another permanently by being married in 2017. In addition to a daughter named Everleigh from Savannah LaBrant’s previous relationship, Cole and Savannah LaBrant are parents to three children together. Posie Rayne, a daughter, was born to the couple in December 2018, and Zealand, a son, was born in July 2020. In June 2022, they welcomed Sunday, their youngest child.

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