Asian Doll’s bio: Is she really Asian? Her age, height, and real name.

Asian Doll's bio: Is she really Asian? Her age, height, and real name.


Asian Doll’s bio: Is she really Asian? Her age, height, and real name.

Rapper, singer, and Instagram influencer Misharron Jermeisha Allen, also known as Asian Doll, hails from the United States. She became well-known after her debut album, Kill Bill, was released. Along with her successful rap career, Asian Doll has been involved in various issues related to her rivalry with artists like Bali Baby and Cuban Doll.

Asian Doll: Who is she?

Here are some quick facts about the rapper’s physical, professional, and personal information.

The life story of Asian Doll

Asian Doll is how old? Born on December 7, 1996, the rapper. By 2022, she will be 25 years old. From where is Asian Doll? Rapper was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. LaKeithia Lewis and Michael Allen welcomed her into the world. Atlanta and Los Angeles are just a couple of the cities she has called home.

Three siblings, an elder brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister, shared her upbringing. Her father spent time in and out of jail. Her mother was left on her own to raise the four children.

What is the real name of Asian Doll?

Misharron Jermeisha Allen is the real name of Asian Doll. African American is the race of Asian Doll.

What kind of ethnicity is Asian da Brat?

Asian Doll is she Asian? She is not, no. Due to the incorrect assumption that her name indicates Asian ancestry, the topic frequently comes up. So why does Asian Doll have an Asian name? Actually, it isn’t. She adopted the name to set herself apart from the many rappers who also go by the name doll.

Her other stage name, Asian da Brat, was a play on the name of the Bratz doll line of girl’s toys.

Career of Asian doll

Asian Doll's bio: Is she really Asian? Her age, height, and real name.

When Misharron dropped Da Rise of the Barbie Doll Gang Empire at the end of 2015, her musical career officially got underway. This was followed by a number of subsequent albums and singles. Her most well-known works include Project Princess Vol. 1, Kill Bill, and Doll SZN. The well-known rapper claims that Nicki Minaj has been her greatest source of artistic inspiration. Since then, Misharron has worked with many well-known musicians, like as PnB Rock, Rico Nasty, and Bhad Bhabie. Rapper Lil Mister became interested in Misharron after hearing a few of his successful songs. Together, the two started producing the majority of Misharron’s songs.

Does Asian Doll date?

According to rumors, the well-known singer is seeing a mystery man who she has not yet revealed to the world. She had been dating reality television personality Bandhunta Izzy up until that point. But only a year into their romance, the two decided to part ways. After dating Izzy, Misharron dated King Von, in whose likeness she also had a tattoo. King Von passed away in 2020 after being shot during an Atlanta nightclub incident.

The well-known rapper is used to controversy. The most notable ones are listed below.

The wealth of Asian Doll

The famed American rapper is worth $2 million, according to Wepublishnews. These include the money she makes from her multiple albums and singles as well as the costs associated with her social media brand endorsement contracts. This is not, however, a verified estimate of net worth.

Asian Doll is how tall?

Asian Doll's bio: Is she really Asian? Her age, height, and real name.

Asian Doll is 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 centimetres). She is 58 kilograms (128 pounds) in weight and has black hair and dark brown eyes. Her body’s breast, waist, and hip measurements are 34-28-40.

One of the most well-known young female rappers in contemporary America is without a doubt Asian Doll. Her ability to rap is demonstrated by the success of her albums and singles. Her scandals have garnered her just as much notoriety as her music, which is interesting.

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