Ali Nuhu’s Biography, age, Career and all you need to know about him.

Ali Nuhu's Biography, age, Career and all you need to know about him.

Ali Nuhu’s Biography, age, Career and all you need to know about him.

One of the most popular and successful Actor, Ali Nuhu has made a name for himself in both Nollywood and Kannywood thanks to his extraordinary talent and on-screen charisma. He has acted in movies including Diamonds in the Sky, The Millions, and The Ghost and the Tout Too.

Ali Nuhu, who is he?

He is a talented artist with a distinguished acting career. He is well-known in Nigeria as a dancer, producer, director, and actor. Many young Nigerian actors who value talent and the value of hard effort look up to him as an example.

Ali Nuhu’s Biography

The gifted Actor was born on March 15, 1974. In the Kano town neighborhoods of Yakasai, No Man’s Land, and Hausawa, Nuhu was raised and spent his early years. Hajia Fatima Karderam Digema was the name of his mother. She was a native of the Bama community in Nigeria’s Borno State. She worked as a school teacher, a headmistress, and a caterer. She tragically passed away in 1999. His mother had a big impact on his professional life. She encouraged his ambition to work as an actress.

Who is Ali Nuhu’s father?

Nuhu Poloma is the name of his father. He was from the Nigerian Gombe State town of Balanga. He served as the People’s Democratic Party’s previous Gombe State chairman. He passed away in June 2020 at the age of 78.

What tribe belongs to Ali Nuhu?

Borno state, Nigeria’s Maiduguri town, is where Ahmad Ali Nuhu was born. He is Hausa by tribe.

At this time, Ali Nuhu’s age?

As of 2022, Ali Nuhu will be 48 years old.

educational background of Ali Nuhu

Ali started his primary education in the Riga Special Elementary School from 1979 to 1985. Later, from 1986 to 1988, he attended the Government Secondary Commercial School in Kano to finish his junior secondary education.

He also studied at the Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa from 1989 to 1991, where he received a diploma equivalent to a senior secondary school. He received a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Jos, where the well-known actor studied from 1992 to 1997. While participating in the National Youth Service Corps in Ibadan, Oyo State, in 1998, he made a significant contribution to the Dance and Drama Troupe. He eventually got the chance to compete in the NYSC National Dance and Drama Competition on behalf of Oyo State.

Career of Ali Nuhu


When he was a student at The University of Jos, Ali Nuhu claimed that he attended his first film audition there after coming across an advertisement from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). With the release of the movie Abin Sirri Ne in 1999, he started performing professionally in the Hausa film business, popularly known as Kannywood.

After then, he made other high-profile movies, such as Danadam Butulu, Dijanagala, Wasila, Mujadala, and Sangaja. He was able to establish himself in Kannywood because to these movies. Additionally, he appeared in the Amstel Malta-sponsored film Sitanda, for which he received the African Movie Academy Award (AMAA), as well as in TV programs including Finding Aisha and Wetin dey. One of the most well-known people right now in both Nollywood and Kannywood is the actor.

The Zuma Film Festival, the Pyongyang International Film Festival, and the Abuja International Film Festival are just a few of the film festivals in which he has participated.

Encouragement of young people to follow their dreams of being successful performers is something Nuhu is very enthusiastic about. He began utilizing a large number of young people in his movie Gamunan Dai. He has stated that he aims to include young people in as many of his films as he can. In terms of his responsibilities and titles, he was designated as the “Face of the Consumer” by the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC in 2017. Additionally, he represents Globacom Nigeria, the leading domestic provider of communications networks in Nigeria. In addition to Cherie Noodles and Blue Boat Champions Milk, he has also served as a brand ambassador for Royco, Pepsi, and other companies.

In addition to his accomplishments in the entertainment world, Ali Huhu has made donations to a number of charitable organizations. He has a business, too. He is the founder and chairman of FKD productions, a production firm.

TV series, movies, and videos The well-known Kannywood performer has appeared in a variety of films, including comedies, epics, action pictures, and more. According to his IMDb biography, he has the acting credits listed below.

What is the wealth of Ali Nuhu?

Ali Nuhu's Biography, age, Career and all you need to know about him.

His projected $1 million net worth is cited by Vim Buzz. Unfortunately, there is no reliable source for this information.

Is Ali Nuhu married?

The well-known Nigerian movie actor is a content father. Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir is his wife. Who is the first kid of Ali Nuhu? Fatima, his firstborn daughter, and Ahmad, a football player, are his other children. What is Fatima Ali Nuhu’s age? She was conceived on January 13, 2004. She will be 18 in 2022. Ahmad, his son, was born on May 30, 2006. He will be 16 in 2022.

The well-known actor has a happy marriage. It’s been 19 years since he wed. In 2003, he got married. His wife describes him as a thoughtful husband and a father who sets a fantastic example for his children.

Who is the second spouse of Ali Nuhu?

Ali has additionally been the focus of countless rumors due to his fame as an actor. The claims that he married the Hausa actress Hadiza Gabon and Maryam Lamido have subsequently been refuted.

Home and cars

Actors and moviemakers frequently post pictures of their homes and vehicles on social media. But Nuhu is one of the select few who doesn’t boast about their money on social media. Because of this, his followers find it challenging to find out how many vehicles and residences he owns.

Ali Nuhu is one of the most well-known actors in Nollywood. He is a producer, director, and actor. In addition, he has earned numerous accolades and has earned the moniker “King of Kannywood” for his parts in a number of notable and legendary movies.

Are Ali Nuhu’s acting days over?

He will play Abdul’s father in the Mr. Lecturer (2022) movie, which is now in post-production, so yes, he is still performing.

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